Hey, It's Me!


I am SNEHAL BARNWAL, founder of "DesignEvermore".. A experienced Fashion Designer and A Costume Stylist with a demonstrated history working in the Retail and Bollywood industry for more than 10 years.. I quit my work and launched DESIGN EVERMORE in 2017 in partnership firm and that became my biggest mistake.. I invested my entire saving earned from Bollywood, where my business partner was hardly investing any.. I gave my heart to run this dream for 2 years between 2017-2018.. gradually, one mistake after another, I was letting my Business Partner withdraw the profits of my part also.. Though, I could not stop him.. And at last, my kid, my brand collapsed.. How a mother could get failed in raising and growing up the child was my feeling while shutting down.. Hardly one can understand..

After then, for these many years, I have never thought to re-start my business in such a way my Husband (MANORANJAN SRIVASTAVA) made me doing all alone.. (BEHIND THE SCENE: If you are married, husband's helps are complementary gifts)

In 2021, When we started thinking to re-born my baby (DesignEvermore) after lots of struggles, consultations, complaints! We have legally taken the brand position on my name as I invested, saved and kept it alive till date..

Eventually, In 2022, We wanted to re-start with fresh category and style.. So for the fresh start, the first thing came into my mind as a product was "ACTIVEWEAR" because I could not find great quality activewear where the fit, functionality and feel were just right for me, my husband, brother, father & friends..

As selecting yarn from final product, a deep understanding of her loved ones "NEEDS, DESIRES & PROBLEMS" faced.. And She at DEM came up with a great Revolution to design with intent Comfort and for everybody.!

Gradually, We started researching & taking reviews from "YOUNG & BIG BOYS and LOVELY LADIES" about their comfort, fit & feel..

We came to know that the NDP is same More Or Less, as both of them were suffering from the quality & fitness..

In Effect, We design a fit called Design Evermore - "Go Trendy Ever" - where you do not need to "COMPROMISE" with your "PROBLEMS"..

Worry!!! For More Saving!!

Well! This is for you!

We being a DEM Family! are on a mission to spread smile through your purchase orders with us, applying more discount coupons! and Save more for your happiness! 

We Care For Us !!