All About DEM

Design Evermore was founded in 2017 by Snehal Barnwal because she could not find great quality activewear where the fit, functionality and feel were just right for herself, her husband, brother, father & friends..

As selecting yarn from final product, a deep understanding of her loved ones "NEEDS, DESIRES & PROBLEMS" faced.. And She at DEM came up with a great Revolution to design with intent Comfort and for everybody.!

Gradually, We started researching & taking reviews from "YOUNG, MATURED & BIG BOYS and LOVELY LADIES" about their comfort, fit & feel..

We came to know that the NDP is same More Or Less, as all of them were suffering from the quality & fitness..

In Effect, We design a fit called Design Evermore - "Go Trendy Ever" - where you do not need to "COMPROMISE" with your "PROBLEMS"..

Worry!!! For More Saving!!

Well! This is for you!

We being a DEM Family! are on a mission to spread smile through your purchase orders with us, applying more discount coupons! and Save more for your happiness! 

We Care For Us !!